International Center for Advanced Studies

Ezequiel Alvarez

ICAS Staff since March 2016

Scientific Manager @ICAS

Stanford University @ 2012. Discussing top quark forward backward asymmetry.

Science has reached an amazing result on the composition of the Universe. We should share this result with the whole community while put all our effort to understand Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

ICAS Staff and M. Zaldarriaga at UNSAM mensa.
  • Resume: Summary CV and Full CV
  • Full Name: Ezequiel Alvarez
  • Contact: sequi at unsam edu ar
  • Position: ICAS and CONICET Fellow, UNSAM Professor
  • Brief trajectory:
    • Master @ Instituto Balseiro (2001)
    • PhD @ Valencia University (2005)
    • Permanent position @ CONICET-UBA (2006)
    • PostDoc @ Stanford (2012)
    • ICAS Staff (2016)
  • Current research: Phenomenology of the Beyond the Standard Model searches at the LHC
  • Main interests: NP searches at the LHC, recent results/deviations in Astro-ph observations, Dark Matter searches. I am also very interested in recent progress in all other fields of Science and I do my best to keep track of relevant news about this.
  • Science Policy: I pursue to conduct science to best serve public interests. I am very concerned and committed in promoting women in science; 60% of my PhD students are women. I am interested in enhancing knowledge and intelligence in the Developing World as an added value for improving the quality of life as a whole.

Brief Statement of Purpose

I am passionate about finding out how the Universe behaves Beyond the Standard Model. As most of hep physicists, one of my major concerns is what is Dark Matter. Or, more correctly, how the Dark Matter puzzle is solved.

I do phenomenology in High Energy Physics. I am neither a theorist nor an experimentalist. From my point of view, we require phenomenology to attack the present day state-of-the-art (read: most of the predicted theories and arguments have fell, the LHC, the Astro-ph and the direct DM detection experiments are running incredibly good, but we have nothing. We are sailing in unchartered waters.) I work in recognizing different experimental excesses that may come from the same New Physics and designing novel observables that could enhance a signal. In brief, I ultimately put all my effort into thinking out-of-the-box.

That is about research.

I also have an intense and enthusiastic Innovation and Technology applied-science side in which I organize International Conferences and I pursue and coordinate the creation of the International Centre for Economic development through Science and Technology InterEST. In this Centre the Argentine scientific community would partner with foreign companies and Institutions in a Research + Development + Patenting (R+D+P) scheme to foster and power the link between the aforementioned actors.

In human resources formation I teach and supervise Master (5) and PhD (5) Thesis. I do my best to keep students very motivated so that they can get the most out of them. I want them to enjoy doing physics as much as I do!

Last but not least, I am deeply involved in the development of the recently funded ICAS (International Center for Advanced Science), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2016, me, Daniel de Florian and Liliana Arrachea, the three of us physicists from the University of Buenos Aires, got together to create a high quality research Institute. We dreamt up a place where there would be plenty of seminars, journal clubs, conferences, blackboards, coffee breaks, and a lot of passion for physics discussion. I believe that we are meeting our goal and I am very happy about it.

If I had to summarize my work, my passion, my wishes, my past, my present and my future in one word, that would be: Motivation.

Buenos Aires, December 2017


(Almost) Complete list of publications from Inspire

Other activities

PhD and BSc (Lic) formation


  • Lic. Rosa Sandá (PhD, 2018-)
  • Lic. Manuel Szewc (PhD, 2018-)
  • Lic. Mariel Estevez (PhD, 2016-)
  • PhD Estefania Coluccio Leskow (2012-2016)
  • PhD Juan Ignacio Sanchez vietto (2011-2015)

BSc (Licenciatura)

  • Rosa Sanda (2017-2018)
  • Lic. Manuel Szewc (2017-2017)
  • Lic. Guido Van Der Velde (2016-2017)
  • PhD Estefania Coluccio Leskow (2011-2012)
  • PhD Juan Ignacio Sanchez Vietto (2011-2011)